We can´t make all people equal,

but we can help that all people get equal opportunities.

We are a non-profit association based in Langenfeld / Germany, which was founded in October 2018. Our target is sustainable improvement for people, animals and the environment. This path only leads through the further development of our society. The “society” is a reflection of each individual. We therefore offer a unique combination of: 

Personal development

to fully develop one’s innate potential, have the courage to live this and to turn into action with enthusiasm.

Comprehensive offers for education and accompaniment

should enable children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds      as well as their families to lead a decent, self-determined life and provide future            perspectives.

It is important to us that people are not given a “concept”.
Rather, it is about finding their personal way to mental strength, self-confidence and independence together with them. Regardless of origin, skin color, gender, religious beliefs and political views, we would like to offer support worldwide.

For this we use the Q-RATIO® mental training:
Thanks to this unique method, fears and blockages can be resolved directly in the subconscious. Positive changes take place immediately and they are permanent. It is an inner cleansing that relieves you of your personal conscious and unconscious limitations. The special feature is that this technique is easy to learn by everyone and thus creating independence from third parties!
Q-RATIO Insitut Germany
Personal development opens boundaries in one’s own mind and creates an expanded awareness to form healthy roots for the future. Like this we are creating the basis for the further development of large communities, starting in small communities such as families and schools. We will implement this in national and international projects to spread the idea of TOGETHERNESS